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AstrumU takes the guesswork out of finding and hiring college students. We extract skills from coursework and experiences, and match jobs to students with the highest alignment. The result is improved quality, increased efficiency and access to a more inclusive talent pool. We help you Hire Different.

Your Superpower Detector

Our insight engine generates sophisticated matches

AstrumU translates every college graduate’s journey into a meaningful job. We studied the educational and co-curricular backgrounds of college graduates and learned which skills and experiences predict success in early career roles. AstrumU’s client employers access these insights along with tens of thousands of students to dramatically improve talent acquisition. Share a job profile and our AI engine finds outstanding students with the skills and talents that matter most to you. Decide to put quality, diversity and efficiency first - decide to Hire Different with AstrumU.

Find 'Hidden Gems' in a Fraction of the Time

Discover the best-matched candidate for your job


Access unique insights to high-match candidates


Save time and money with our streamlined process


Make progress on diversity and inclusion through our quantitative analyses


Join Us. Hire Different.