Hire Different

Lack of transparency in the job search process burdens college students with too much effort for too little return. At the same time, the value of different courses, experiences, and majors is opaque to campus recruiters. AstrumU takes the guesswork out of hiring, guiding college students to their ideal role and employers to the best candidate for every job.

Your Superpower Detector

Our insight engine generates sophisticated matches

Employers share job descriptions, candidates share their background. We evaluate a universe of information to learn what matters to each. What’s unique about each job? What’s awesome about each person’s superpower? And then our AI-driven model predicts the matches with the highest shared probability of success. Join the revolution. Decide to only hire or accept when the candidate and the employer make one another better. Hire Different!

Find 'Hidden Gems' in a Fraction of the Time

Discover the candidate and job designed for one another

Slash Recruiting Drudgery

Data-driven evaluation and ranking in seconds, not hours or days

Straight to "Why"

The job to candidate intersection is unique - see why, immediately

Hire for Success, Precisely

See the logic behind each recommendation

Inclusive by Design

Elevate your search above reliance on inadequate filtering

How It Works

Our predictive analytics reveal the shared probability of success for each candidate in any job.

Enter a job title

Upload a job description and see a ranked list in seconds

Refine your criteria

Say what matters most and let our data science team work for you

Discover awesome

See candidates based on their probability of succeeding at your company

Connect with greatness

Why wait? When you discover that gem of a candidate reach out ... now.


Join us. Hire Different.