AstrumU is a Marketplace.

strategic visibility

With AstrumU, employers directly invest in students to prepare for the future of work. The transparency of the marketplace and the power of AI allows for decision-making based on facts and probability for mutual success.

Going beyond simple data analysis of reductive filters, the AU Platform leverages millions of data points from schools and employers to provide advanced predictive insights that model optimal outcomes. This longitudinal view of the ‘Learn+Work’ Lifecycle gives Platform partners the tools to take action, influence outcomes and drive ROI on Human Capital.

AstrumU was founded on the belief that people are the most important resource.
Our mission is to translate and measure lifelong learnings from education into meaningful outcomes.
— Adam Wray, Founder and CEO of AstrumU

how we do it - Data Science

The AstrumU Platform is based on our revolutionary Translation Engine leveraging machine learning and data science to deliver predictive insights that serve all stakeholders. Given our longitudinal view of the 'Education-to-Industry' marketplace, or what we call the ‘Learn+Work’ Lifecycle, the Platform affords a multi-dimensional understanding of any individual at any stage of education. This approach makes it possible to see beyond gaps in data and avoid the pitfalls of replicating uninformed choices, historical biases and misconceptions tied to specific groups.

The AU Platform addresses the challenges employers face both Pre and Post-Hire, while also providing unprecedented visibility in the talent marketplace at AstrumU higher education partners. 

The results are powerful: 

  • IDENTIFY EARLY – View top matches for your open roles before they apply

  • SOURCE EFFICIENTLY – Engage diverse talent instantly with full visibility at all Partners

  • HIRE CONFIDENTLY – Predict success with AI – 10x more effective than traditional filters

  • RETAIN TALENT – Measure, predict and combat churn with unrivaled Lifecycle insights

  • BUILD PIPELINE – Directly invest in students and schools for the future of your workforce