AstrumU is transforming how students find jobs, educators measure success, and employers value their people.

predicting the future

It is time to take the guesswork out of Identifying, Hiring and Retaining college students. At AstrumU we leverage ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) to study data from three market contributors, Students—Schools—Employers, to bring transparency and clarity to all stakeholders. This leads to decisions based on facts and probability for mutual success.

Going beyond simple data analysis, our tools produce advanced predictive insights to understand and capture better outcomes. Through our partnerships with higher education and employers we study millions of data points. This groundbreaking view of public and private data across the education-to-employment journey allows participants to map outcomes and take action. 

AstrumU was founded on the belief that people are the most important resource. Our mission is to eliminate the inefficiencies that obscure human potential, unlock the energy of a population and reveal the power of the human experience.
— Adam Wray, Founder and CEO of AstrumU

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how we do it - Data Science

AstrumU created a unique Translation Engine leveraging ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to deliver predictive insights that benefit all stakeholders. These insights predict factors that lead to success in early career positions within your company’s culture.  Because AstrumU evaluates data from students, schools and employers, our insights provide a multi-dimensional view that creates context for learning as well as action.

Employers apply these learnings to create a quantitative baseline allowing them to measure the ROI of their entire Talent Acquisition-to-Management Life Cycle for college graduates. Companies also gain unique access to talent at AstrumU higher education partner colleges and universities. The results are powerful: 

  • REDUCE CHURN – Predict, model and lower churn; what soft and hard skillsets do you retain or churn?

  • HIRE QUALITY – 10X more effective predicting new-hire success vs. GPA & Major 

  • DRIVE EFFICIENCY – Reduce time spent sourcing candidates from weeks to minutes 

  • INCLUSIVE SEARCH – Discover talent from diverse groups, improving your talent pool 

  • STRATEGIC HR – Make HR a strategic asset, model business choices for the best outcome