AU Talent Platform: Matching People with Purpose 

AstrumU Marketplace

AstrumU translates learning to working for better outcomes. Launched in the Kansas City-region with partnerships at a dozen top colleges and universities, AstrumU Marketplace provides employers tools to develop, attract and retain your most valuable resource: people.

Leveraging big data and AI, AstrumU Marketplace makes building your talent pipeline and hiring future leaders simple. Employers identify talent at higher education institutions and match with diverse candidates based on the soft skills, technical skills and experiences that predict success in your workforce.


6-month trial license for AstrumU Marketplace software tools

  • Includes ‘Recruiter App’ and ‘Realtime Talent Heatmap’

  • Utilize unlimited campaign searches, access and hiring–NO FEES PER TRANSACTION

  • Get access to Talent Network of over 200,000 students at leading regional schools and more as they onboard

  • Concierge service to automate outreach for your needs

  • Kickoff with just a one-hour on-boarding call to get started


Verified Data

Harness the power of AstrumU's skills-based matching engine with verified data from partner schools - accurate, updated regularly.


Build your network

Build a network of highly-aligned students, programs and schools through ROI-driven, direct incentives


Campaign history

Create and refine campaign searches with accumulated learnings that drive quality first

AstrumU Recruiter

Send custom outreach campaigns to diverse cohorts of highly-aligned candidates. AstrumU's AI Translation Engine is integrated across all partner campuses, allowing you to connect with passive candidates for internship and full-time job opportunities.

Attributes–Leave the blunt force filters and legacy hiring behind. AstrumU Recruiter provides talent acquisition professionals with the tools to source, target and hire students based on just that: talent. Allow the AI engine to parse your job description and match it with candidates based on comprehensive profiles of their verified skills and experiences.


Inclusion–Hiring will never be more diverse than the original pool of candidates. Ensure the most inclusive pool with AstrumU’s campaigns that allows monitoring of aggregate diversity of the target cohort relative to federal benchmarks. Make sure you’re finding the best candidates regardless of background.


Incentives–Once you’ve identified a cohort of the best candidates from across AstrumU’s Talent Network for your open role, incentivize the candidates to connect. Offer small-dollar gift cards to let these passive candidates know that you value their skills and experiences and are serious about considering them for an opportunity at your organization.

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